Video Location: NE Portland Wasco House

Living with Unkle Nancy

Promoting the Gypsy Pirates

Come ask Questions Thursdays Velo Cult NE Portland

All Ages Becasue We All Like to Have Fun!

Ada Goldberg


"We Fight the Good Fight From The Inside With Our Insights!"

What's with These Videos?

I like to make

home videos.

This is the library of those moments.

Often improved freestyle.


Please enjoy these glimpses into my creative process.


For more videos

please visit:




I am currently

holding space in

Portland, Oregon.


Let me know if you want to make music.



Thank you for you!

Video Location: North Portland

Living in a Craigslist find... things got weird.

Videos Location: Vancouver Washington

Building Myself Solo

Location: Eugene Oregon JAR House

Living with the Concious Collective

My First Purchased Property

Same song, same house, different sounds.

I am evolving my talents in video editing, Saving for a nice video recorder, and Searching for a videographer who take a interest in working on a music video.


Location: Eugene Oregon Taylor Street

The Beginning of Recording Myself