About Ada Goldberg

Ada Goldberg


"We Fight the Good Fight From The Inside With Our Insights!"

A Face And The Facts

We are all here to experience the world.

To grow, to play, to gain understanding.

We all have the capacity to change and adapt.

We just have to utilize the knowledge that we have already gained and apply that to our future!

Spending many years adhering to social norms I have realized that the way our society is functioning is not serving us, and all living beings, optimally. My lifes work is to contribute towards bettering our situation.


I have recieved a Certificate of Advanced Mastery in Human Relations.

Learning psychology, sociology and counseling. Furthering this knowledge in College.


I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from The University Of Oregon. While finishing school I was able to be of service volunteering in Eugene Oregon. With a Human Services Nonprofit called The White Bird Clinic.





Check Out The White Bird Clinic.

They are revolutionary.









In 2012 I was hired as a Crisis Counselor working for four years.

Becoming part of The White Bird collective after completing the training process. White Birds way of being will forever be part of my healing practices.


I learned how to deeply listen to and empathize with people struggling indise suicidal thoughts, psychotic delusions, and other traumas. I still volunteer with White Bird Rock Medicine.


I utilize a love centered therapy model. We learn to love ourselves and send love into the world for others to thrive with.


Yoga has always been a central force of my life. Allowing a space for spirit and physical to connect. Providing a strong ability to balance life and a glimpse into moving Meditations.


Meditation has become a central part of these teachings and practices. Through mediation all can be examined from a higher perspective. It allows the body to release anxiety and ward off illnesses through mindfulness.


In Spring 2015 I attended a 10 Day Silent Vipassana Meditation at Wat Suan Mokkh outside Chaiya Thailand. I was taught by Monks about mindful breath.


In July of 2016 I joined the Burningman CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) as a counselor. We are part of the Emergency Services Department. We are used as non-confrontational community mediators throughout the Burningman event.



I have taken bits and pieces of all these lesson. Channeling them into the musician, dancer, friend, entrepreneur, and therapist that I am.


If you have any questions. Please reach out. We are here for all of us!