Ada Goldberg


"We Fight the Good Fight From The Inside With Our Insights!"


Maintaining a positive relationship with yourselfs, friends, and family is vital to a happy life. Through the mindful process of awareness and reconnection. We begin to remember ourselves again. See into eachothers eyes again.

In a traditional session, tools are provided that will allow you to better communicate with others, learning to listen and trust yourself.

Individual, couples and family mediation and self realization available.

For people wanting to clarify and explore issues in their lives

or for more in-depth healing and growing oppertunities.

Private and group guided mediation sessions available to enable grounding and centering. To turn off the monkey mind and enter into a higher vibration.

Please make contact for an intake interview and review of options/pricing.

Bachelors of Science in Psychology, focusing on nuroscience and family therapy. At the University of Oregon.


Certifications recieved in Reiki, Meditation, Mediation, Human Relations, BLS, FEMA ICS 100, and FEMA ICS 700.

Fully trained through White Bird Clinic as a Crisis Worker.


Each summer I volunteer with

White Bird Rock Medicine, White Bird Clinic’s largest ongoing fundraising efforts to provide crisis and medical services for event goers while raising money to support the individuals served by White Bird Clinic’s programs in Lane County.


At Burningman I am a counselor for the CIT

(Crisis Intervention Team) at the Burning Man. We are part of the Emergency Services Department. We are used as non-confrontational community mediators throughout the Burning Man event.

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