Ada Goldberg


"We Fight the Good Fight From The Inside With Our Insights!"


Upcoming EVENTS!!


  • Velo Cult NE Portland OR

Every Thursday Night



  • Sam Bonds Garadge, Eugene OR

Friday February 3, 2017


  • Oregon Country Fair

July 7, 2017- July 9, 2017

Veneta OR


Friday Night Fire Show


Making it Happen!

With practice and Patience anything can be accomplished.

Balance is Key to Center Energy!


The energy that brought you here is not by mistake. For some reason you were meant to read this. For some reason you are here. How can we help one another?


Let us expand and progress together. I envision an existence in which we all begin to become healers within ourselves. Where my purpose is utilized by those who need it. From the internal beats that move masses. To listening to a person in need. Whatever the case. I am here prepared to perform and enable all types of growth and healing.


We are all just people. Expressing ourselves through the gifts we have to share with one another. All that I have to offer is myself; A projection of my life choices, how I choose to live, who I choose to be. All I have to offer is the knowledge that I have acquired through formal to alternative learning modalities.


I am a member of the: save-the-world, start-with-yourself, build-community, visionary team! Let us all aspire to be our best selves.